Friday, August 18, 2006

Attention all SID monitors!

Last May a significant meteor fireball fell east of El Paso, Texas. The
event was witnessed by dozens of people and was captured by several
video cameras making up part of the North American All-Sky Camera
Network. These cameras are designed to detect meteors entering the
earth's atmosphere and measured the brightness at greater than magnitude
-13.7 (a full moon is only about -12). A quick time video of the event
can be found at
. Recent
investigations have suggested that the main mass and terminal explosion
were considerably larger than previously estimated and thus might have
caused ionospheric disturbances. I have also learned that some
eyewitnesses may have heard electrophonic sounds. This is a real long
shot, but those involved in investigating this event would appreciate it
if the members of this group would check their archives for anything
unusual on May 5th around 2150 MDT (0350 UTC, May 5th ). Thanks for
your help.

Ernie Iverson


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