Friday, January 27, 2006

Getting Started

Looks like things are up and running. We should keep a little count of the number of active stations.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Utah State monitor

I just received the SID monitor this afternoon and haven't unpacked it yet. We will
probably test it on campus for awhile before hauling it out to Bear Lake for semi-permanent installation. I believe we are set for NML North Dakota.
Don Rice
Logan UT

New blogger.

New blogger in town. Hi, I'm John W. Samouce, AKA "Dusty" located in the Beatiful Bitterroot Valley of western Montana (46N, 114W). I have just received my Stanford SID receiver (SAMC) and will combine it with my Gyrator II SID receiver, JOVE (20.1 MHz) receiver, magnetometer and skylight sensor on Radio-SkyPipe charts. Standby for Stanford SID receiver "First Light" soon.

Stanford SID Monitor Blog

This is a (probably-temporary) blog set up for people hosting a Stanford SID space weather monitor. Welcome! We hope to be able to exchange information about setup problems, improvements to the hardware, software, or documents, and mutally answer questions amongst ourselves.