Wednesday, September 13, 2006

SID detected?

From Ben Burress, Chabot Space and Science Center, 9:31 AM PDT 13 Sept 06:
I don't know if this was a flare, but our SID monitor shows a feature on
Sept 12 around 21:30 UT that looks like the profile I've been told of:
rapid rise, more gradual fall-off. It also seems to correspond to a
similar-looking feature in the GOES 12 x-ray flux graph.

Anyone else see this in their data?



Blogger Lorne Davis said...

We saw nothing that day. (Sorry this reply took so long!)

We have observed SID events ~3 std dev above ambient noise every time the GEOS-12 (red line, 1-8 A) x-ray data was observed at a C1.0 or greater intensity. We use
for the 3-day plots.

8:43 AM  

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