Thursday, June 07, 2007

New To the SID Community

We received our SID monitor in late October 2006. We completed the antenna in January 2007. We had been collecting data haphazardly until a permanent location could be set up. We had a permanent location and were collecting data in April 2007 when this the first week June 2007 the hard drive in our computer failed. We lost all data with the exception of the time period from Apr-20-2007 to May-20-2007 this data was backed up just before this happened. However after this rocky start I have repaired the computer and we have again started to collect data with the SID monitor.


Blogger greducation said...

Hello SID Monitor Enthusiasts.

I am a science teacher at Streamwood High School in Streamwood Illinois. I have just received confirmation of shipment of a SID monitor to my school this week.

I am very psyched for such an opportunity to bring events happening in the cosmos down into my science classrooms. To be able to converse with students about space weather and related occurrences in our solar system, and then to provide students with real data from such events, will provide the relevance to learning greatly needed in the study of Earth Science.

I hope to relate my experiences in the near future on the SID Monitor Project to this blog and get some feedback.

Bye for now.

9:41 PM  

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